Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Secure to Receive a Mail from You ?

  • Yes ! We will ship cocaine to our people in your regions/countries, and they will resend your cocaine directly to you, inside your country. We takes all risks with international mail and customs ! You are insured.

  • For security reasons we ships via standard (ground/sea) postal service. It takes a little longer, but much safe.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

  • We accept anonymous payments only via BitCoin ,Western  Union,Money Gram

You can learn more about payment types here

How do I place an Order?

  • 1 – Choose your weight and product type (Colombian or Bolivian cocaine).  click order now 2 – Fill your shipping address, choose payment method and place an order.
  • 3. Make payment. Your order will be shipped within 5-10 hours. (we need some time to pack and send your cocaine)
  • Please cantact us if you have any difficulties in placing your order